Jaggar von Drachenfels

Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels


Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels
Count of Ritterburg
Principality of Aalban
House Ritterburg
(born 945, M36, Dragon Master of 5th Circle, AL-Lawful)


Jaggar von Drachenfels is the ruler of the Principality of Aalban, the best Glantrian commander on the battlefield, as well as a crafty spell-caster. In times of peace he spends most of his time trying to prevent family quarrels that plague his house.

Jaggar was born and bred to be a prince of Glantri. The Drachenfels clan traces its ancestry back to ancient Blackmoor. Jaggar’s parents gave him the best tutors and training in the realm, so his upbringing would match his familial background. Jaggar is a wizard of considerable ability, although he has not yet matched the skill of either of his parents.

Like his late father, Prince Morgaithe, Jaggar is a dragonslayer of considerable accomplishment. His best friend is Herr Rolf von Graustein, Viscount of Blofeld. He is also friendly with Eachainn McDougall. Jaggar has great respect for Eachainn’s military expertise. The two have written a tome on the use of magic in military tactics.

Jaggar often wears high cavalry boots and a white uniform covered with medals and stripes (most of which are magical trinkets of various effects). Some of them have the tendency to fall of when he sneezes.

Jaggar von Drachenfels

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