Ino Padri

Patriarch of Tokraka


Brother Ino Padri , Patriarch of The People’s Temple on Tokraka
Male Ierendian Human Cleric: 9 Neutral


" The Devil is that element in human nature, that impels us to destroy and debase. "

“Brother Ino” or “Father Padri” or “Patriarch of Tokraka” is a very respectable man on the village of Tokraka. He is always in the company of a half-makai halfling he calls Minim(!) and some followers. He is respected and consulted in many decisions by the locals. He provides healing to visitors that pay for it (at double the price as it custom in Tokraka).

Ino Patri is a little excentric. Some days he is taciturn and quiet others he is talkative and likes to party. He calls all the locals “sons” and “daughters” of the Peoples Temple even when they are not from that religion. From time to time he summons creatures who he then sends to the woods or the sea to gather specific items he collects.

Ino Padri

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