Imapa Totuaka

Shaman of the Makai Shamani


Shaman Imapa Totuaka
Cleric of the Makai Shamani
Male Makai Human 78yo Cleric: 9 Neutral Good


Shaman Imapa Totuaka is the cleric of the Makai Shamani located on Kobos on Safari Island. He is the priest of Kobos, mentor and godfather of Chief Jhonuko who treats Imapa like a father.

Imapa has the tendency to move around the island, even outside of the safe routes and the safe hours. He just stands ups, leaves what he is doing and travels by himself from Kobos to another village to enjoy some food or bless a newborn child. Many believe that he uses the excuse of the second to enjoy the first because he is welcome in all village and every hut and always received with joy and food. Imapa likes to tell stories to children.

Imapa Totuaka

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