Chief Imako of Takraka
Male Makai Human 56yo Lawful


" The only thing a great chief like me fears is that the sky could fall on his head. "

Chief Imako of the village of Tokraka located on [Ierendi Island]] is a man of two moods and two suits.

Half the time he dresses as a traditional makai chieftain and moves around the village greeting visitors and speaking only on makai with a traditional escort and bodyguards.

Other times he dresses as a contemporary ierendian and eats and drinks with the visitors chanting pirate songs and telling stories of old times. When he gets drunk and tells the story of The Black Heart Man is the moment to take him back to his house and place him to sleep.

Even when he is register in Ierendi City as the major of this village he acts more like a master of ceremonies or host than like a political appointed decision making major.

Chief Imako and Veitor Broskar were in a drinking competition in Tokraka. Veikor won and Imako spoke to him drunk.
" Youu have to be berry scare of the Black Heart Man, he was very * hick! * , verii bad. We had nooo choice! We out the * hick! * in a black box, black like his * hick! * heart and we put him in a deep pit * hick! * DEEEP! "
" You drink like a dwarf, chief. " – answered Veikor.
" I luv u, man! "
" I luv utoo, chief! "
(both hug and cried in each other’s arms)


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero