Sherrif of Tokraka


Male Ierenidan Elf Rogue: 10 Neutral Evil


" I welcome you to our happy village. Anything you need, any one gives you trouble, just talk to me. Fine? "

Ikako is the sheriff of Takraka and he takes care of the peace of the village. He keeps his eye in troublemakers and asks them politely to leave. He is nicknamed “The Hound” as people said that he can smell those who are “hiding their intentions” when visiting Tokraka.

Ikako is a member of and reports to the Ierendi Royal Guard but he has been sending his reports for 40 years to Ierendi City and no crime has been reported on the last 30 years. His last criminal report was related to a visitor who killed 5 villagers and disappeared.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero