Assassin for hire


Elf Male Rogue:9 Chaotic


Hush is a dangerous psychopath who has avoided jail time for strange reasons. Some believe that he has ties to The Veiled Society or the Iron Ring but no one has been able to prove it. Rumors place him working for Traladaran families or crime bosses like the late Ludwig von Hendriks.

The real name of Hush is unknown as he travels using bribes and false documentation. One of the names used was Elfal Sonombre .

It was confirmed to Daero of Alfmyr by elements of the Iron Ring on Sulescu that Hush was working for Magda Marilenev and The Veiled Society. One of the following people could be working for The Veiled Society: Baron Zemiros Sulescu, Castellan Vasil Andriev, Captain Evram Andriev or Bureaucrat Marcus Parathetos.

The Band of the Wolf battle the Veiled Society Thug and also Hush, killing many of them and decapitating the assassin. Daero of Alfmyr takes the head back to his Iron Ring contact on the city. " Take this. I don’t need your help anyway. " Hush was actually killed by Maiavel of Alfmyr using a coup de grace.


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