Hector Rushblood

Safari Master


Captain Hector Rushblood
Male Human Ierendian Expert:10


Captain Hector Rushblood is a safari coordinator on Safari Island. He and his crew of " pirates " (actually workers) prepare the events that will entertain the visitors. Zombies, hill giants and lizardfolks are some of his " adventures " . Safari Island Costs.

His sidekick is the talking erudite monkey Elricus.

From time to time Hector Rushblood sails on his own boat The Crowe. As he likes to gamble, he once lost his ship in a game of chance and had to buy it back.

Hector Rushblood claims to be descendant of Jim Booths Bloodhand(!), one of the crew members of “The Black Skull”, Captain Mad Greeg‘s ship. He claims to have in his possession his Atruaghin Clans’ medallion. He tells stories of his ancestor’s exploits and battles alongside many famous pirates.

The Band of the Wolf discovered that Hector Rushblood was the person collecting the jewels made by Teak Bootleleg because he claims to be descendant of Mad Greeg’s crew.

Captain Hector Rushblood revealed to the Band of the Wolf that his ship had a cursed crew of wraiths who are tied to the ship. He wants Mad Greeg’s treasure. Dio negotiates with the undeads and they transferred the captaincy of the ship to Dio. The ship set sail to Elegy Island to speak with the Death Kahuna itself in order to learn how to free the crew of their curse. Rushblood was killed and turned into a wraith by his crew.

As Rushblood was consumed by The Cursed Wraiths of The Crowe he became a Wraith and part of the cursed crew. But he wanders around the ship, doesn’t speaks and remains mostly unresponsive. The rest of the crew guide him on his tasks of keeping the ship in good shape.

Elricus is a little sad but now keeps himself around the new Captain Dio Stoutspark.

Hector Rushblood

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