Gwenth Winterglen

Lady Gwenth Winterglen The Justice


Lady Gwenth Winterglen, The Justice, Lady Justice
Paladin of Nike
Female Thyatian Human Paladin: 13 Lawful


Gwenth Winterglen, Lady Justice as people known her, is also known as Justice ‘straight arrow’, after her great skill in the bow. She began her career as a fighter on the Kingdom of Karameikos but her parents were from the Thyatian Empire.

Justice received her name after her husband and two children her killed by an ancient red dragon. She trained for years under the best swordsmasters she could find, and traveled the world, gaining practical experience. They eventually found the lair of the dragon, but unfortunately somebody else had been there first — another dragon. They killed this dragon, with the aid of her friend Alexi(!).

She has known her share of deceits and liars and has the tendency to study all people who approach her to find to detect evil intents and lies.

Lady Winterglen is obsessed with her revenge but gets out of her way to help people all the time. She has been living in Ierendi for two years now and is part of the Adventurers Club Headquarters.

Gwenth Winterglen

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