Gullor Worldcrafter

Crafter Oficial


Gullor Worldcrafter
Gnome Male Neutral Expert: 5


Master Gullor Worldcrafter is one of the youngest mastercrafters of Highforge and he’s known for been apprentice of 13 different craftmasters and learning craft skills from none. Gullor Worldcrafter knows everyone who is everyone in the craft scenery of Highforge and even has contacts in Specularum.

He learned everything about each master, but what he learned was about the person, not the skill. He did that to become the only seller of a rare commodity in Highforge: specific crafting information. You want to know who you should pay to craft an armor? He will tell you based on armor type, size, materials, enchantment, availability and the ego of the crafter.

He always starts his answers with the phrase “let me tell you what I think….”

Gullor Worldcrafter

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