Gulliver Homebrew

Alchemist and Potion Seller


Mister Gulliver Homebrew The Alchemist
Male Halfling 121yo Wizard:9/(MoM)Alchemist:5 Chaotic

Prince on the Alphatian Castes with clothes mostly Dark Green in color.


Mister Gulliver Homebrew the Alchemist was born on the Five Shires and is the owner of the famous Gulliver Homebrew’s Potion Shop located on the Ierendi City Marketplace. He is a little disoriented at times, and that had resulted in more than a explosive chemical reaction on his laboratory.

He crafts and buys potions, filters, pills, unguents and dusts. He buys and sells components from different countries specially exotic components from Ochalea. He has herbs from Barony of Endurium and bones from Barony of Koskritos. He has a rare collection of butterfly eyes and troll semen.

Gulliver has a magical box to transport his potions that works like a Bag of Holding. He also has a pair of magical boots that allows him to teleport to meet clients and sell them his potions. He travels to many places to buy exotic components and to sell exotic poisons. He has been known to travel to Alphatian Empire, Kingdom of Alfheim, Principalities of Glantri and Ochalea, among others. His more expensive clients comunicate with him using spells and teleporting scrolls with their potion request.

Gulliver Homebrew

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