Gulliver Homebrew

Alchemist and Potion Seller


Mister Gulliver Homebrew The Alchemist
Male Halfling 121yo Wizard:9/(MoM)Alchemist:5 Chaotic


Mister Gulliver Homebrew the Alchemist was born on the Five Shires and is owner of the Gulliver Homebrew’s Potion Shop located on the Ierendi City Marketplace. He is a little disoriented on times, and that had resulted in more than a explosive chemical reaction on his laboratory.

He crafts and buys potions, filters, pills, unguents and dusts. He buys and sells components from different countries specially Ochalea.

Gulliver has a magical box to transport his potions that works like a Bag of Holding. He also has a pair of magical boots that allows him to teleport to meet clients and sell them his potions.

Gulliver Homebrew

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