Grindle Littlelaugh

Adventurer Bard


Grindle Little-laugh
Bard:8, Halfling, Male


Grindle Little-laugh loved nothing more than the stories of his Clan, how his heroic great-grandfather, the only hobbit large enough to ride a horse into battle against the dwarves who invaded and enslaved his people. His famous words were always:

“Us Hin might be little people compared them beards and we might not make a big impact against them with their armoury. But any little person can make a small improvement. If many small people make a small improvement it’s a chance for the whole Hin.”

He left the Five Shires for the second time 5 years ago and has been travelling around the Known World. Right now he is living in Threshold.

Grindle Littlelaugh

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