Green Dacobu

Captain of The FiveDeaths


Captain Green Dacobu of The FiveDeaths
Male Goblin Rogue: 4/ Fighter:10 Chaotic Evil


Captain Green Dacobu of the pirate ship The FiveDeaths and a dangerous bastard with a cruel, chaotic, evil reputation. He is rumored to come from the Thyatian Empire other think he comes from the wilderness of the Kingdom of Karameikos. He is quick to anger and fast with the sword. Dacobu hates everything and everyone, and he shows it. He dislikes been compared to other captains and been told that he is short.

Dacobu is a thief and a liar and has made so many evil things that he is a step closer to be arrested by the authorities of Ierendi. The Ierendi Royal Navy is just waiting to find one piece of evidence or to receive one more accusation against him to aim their catapults and fireballs toward his ship.

Some of his crimes include an attack of a merchant ship leaving Ierendi City, and a time Dacobu tried to enter Honor Island and was repelled by the soldiers of the island. Some of his claims include that he was able to reach Volcano Citadel on Mount Kala entering without been detected using a series of tunnels located somewhere on the coast. He claims to have a map of the place for sale.

Green Dacobu

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