Greegan Mikov



Greegan Mikov
male traladaran human Neutral Rogue:7


Greegan Mikov

Greegan is a Traladaran boy from Specularum. He is rather plain, being only 5’9" tall with brown hair and eyes. His only distinguishing feature being a short goatee he doesn’t stand out very much, and this suits him just fine.

Greegan is the younger half-brother of Felonius. Their parents died several years ago working for a noble or some-such—he never really cared to find out the details—only that he was left alone. If being an orphan was not enough, his brother left him to fend for himself at a time when he needed his family the most.

On the streets of Specularum, he quickly learned to live by his wits. After a time, he joined the Kingdom of the Thieves. Eventually, he was caught and thrown in jail for several months. When he was released, he had decided to “go straight” and try his hand at honest trade. He made his way into the Republic of Darokin to begin his new business. Whether it was the wrong time, or the wrong place, Greegan never knew. He ended up being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Running from an angry mob who cared little for the life of a foreigner, Greegan found himself caught in a pass in the Black Peak mountains during a winter storm. The caravan he was stowing away on became lost. Greegan was captured by a group of goblins of the Dread Horde. Only by his wit and ingenuity was he able to escape back to civilization.

After the ordeal at Blizzard Pass, he made his way to Threshold. With a murderer’s name on his head, he wanted to get as far away from Darokin as possible. He joined up with a group of adventurers travelling to the Dymrak Forest. There, he was reintroduced to his brother who had become a proper wizard.

He has continued to travel with his brother’s adventuring troupe, more out of security than loyalty. Though he has learned to respect their ability to protect him when he gets into trouble. He is often at odds with his brother who seems to be making up for abandoning him by being over-protective, but he allows it so that his other companions don’t learn of his wanted past.

Whenever Greegan is in Specularum, he seeks out a fortune teller by the name of Alya. The two of them have held an on-and-off relationship ever since Greegan was forced into The Veiled Society. While he is still a member of the Kingdom of Thieves, and has since helped cripple The Veiled Society, neither Alya nor his brother know of his criminal activities.

Greegan Mikov

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