Goldo Blacksoul

Captain of The Crone


Captain Goldo Blacksoul
Male Halfling Rogue: 7 / Pirate: 5 Chaotic Evil


Captain Goldo Blacksoul is a halfling pirate from the Five Shires based on Ierendi that commands a ship named the The Crone that is full of halfling, dwarves and goblins. He is a madman, an adventurer and a cruel bastard of the sea.

Goldo has lived in Thyatis City, Specularum and Five Shires and has made enemies in the three ports. He has made dangerous allies, but he is also a dangerous man. He is an expert with the sword and the whip and enjoys every encounter.

Goldo has maintain his membership on the Adventurers Club Headquarters with a little bit of luck and a lot of constraining himself. He is in the watch list of Captain Eligea Stormbreaker.

Of lately, Goldo has been doing business with a thyatian halfling named Volet Firespitter on Ierendi City.

Goldo Blacksoul

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