Captain of The Shakespear


Captain Ghostmaker of The Shakespear
Ierendi Human Male Rogue: 4/Fighter:8


Jim, is the only son of the legendary Captain of the same name Ghostmaker, he dreamed of the courts of the Kingdom of Karameikos and the taverns of the illuminated cities of Principalities of Glantri, a world away from piracy, but was bound to become a notorious pirate because of his heritage. He is a very educated man but also a fiery warrior.

His ship, The Shakespear is a flying ship built in the Alphatian Empire.

Ghostmaker claims that he has travel to distant lands and keeps souvenirs from those places, like art pieces, books, fine clothing and jewels. He sometimes trades in fine silks, jewelry and art from Ochalea and the Alphatian Empire.

Stories tell that Ghostmaker has fall in love two times, once with a witch and another with a celestial being. Ghostmaker is hated by other pirates of Ieredi because he has a flying ship and some of them like James V. Hook have tried to steal The Shakespear from him.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero