Plenipotentiary of Honor Island


Lady Gherynid, Plenipotentiary of Honor Island
Female Alphatian Wizard:12/(MoM) Fire Elementalist:4, Chaotic
St 11, In 18, Wi 13, Dx 15, Co 14, Ch 12


Lady Gherynid is the temporal plenipotentiary of Honor Island, in short, their occasional representative at the Court of Ierendi. She has full powers to make agreements with Ierendi and act in full representation of Devrim AKuntesh.

Gherynid dislikes Ierendi and their foolish adventurer-oriented system. The government’s policy of turning Ierendi into a tourist industry brings far too many unwanted, nosy visitors in the area. She finds tourism is an insult to the land and its people, a total lack of respect for privacy and culture.

Rumors are that she has capture a Gargantuan Fire Elemental inside her pendant.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero