Fzoul Chembryl

Captain of the Guard


Captain Fzoul Chembryl
Male Traladaran Human Half-Elf Fighter:9
AC: 18 , HP: 77
S: + 3 D: + 2 I: + 0
P: + 8, C: + 5, K: + 5, S: + 5
Attack: + 11 / + 6 (1d8+ 3 / 20)
Splint Armor
Spiked Maze


Captain Fzoul Chembryl is the head of the troops of Marilenev and a faithful to Lady Magda Marilenev. He has a limp on his right leg due to a werewolf attack. He is violent, rude and both hated and feared by the locals.

Evram Andriev works for Lady Magda Marilenev and she wants Sulescu for herself. She wants to be sure that Baron Zemiros Sulescu dies before her and leaves no heir. Evram is working with Fzoul Chembryl and two Veiled Society Thug. Some of the City Guard are with Evram. The Band of the Wolf capture Evram and save his father Vasil Andriev from his traitorous sword. Fzoul and the Veiled Society Thugs escape.

Fzoul Chembryl

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