Fox Fingers
Male Karameikan Human Rogue: 13 50yo(?) Chaotic Evil
S 18; D: 18, C: 10; I: 14; W 13; CH 7; AL: Chaotic Evil; AC: 18; hp 36
Wears leather armor; carries dagger + 2, sword, light crossbow and 10 quarrels


Fox Fingers real name is unknown as he has been the sidekick or ally of more than on wandering villain in the last 20 years. He is a thief that could steal a newlywed’s wedding ring without alerting the owner. He carries a magical dagger that he picked up in the great Southern Desert. The wavy style of its blade suggests that it was forged by a desert magician or spirit. Fox Fingers also carries a light crossbow on his back under his cloak, and a secret dagger in his right boot. He has dark red hair that gives him the look of a fox, and the slyness of a fox when pursued.

When exposed to the Heartstone, Fox Fingers began to hate everyone who knew he was a thief. He joined Kelek Evil Sorceror against Ringlerun Good Wizard, but once Ringlerun was destroyed, Fox Fingers went against each of Kelek’s helpers, and then Kelek himself.

The location of Fox Finger on the last 10 years is unknown.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero