Flint Shrubwood

Van der Vaals


Flint Shrubwood
Male Karameikan Human 60yo Rogue:6/Ranger:6/Bounty Hunter:6


Flint Shrubwood is a retired adventurer who, for many years was the highest payed bounty hunter of the Known World under the name Van der Vaals. The best wandering bounty hunter (in the tradition of Sergeio Leone’s “Man With No Name”) in the land, he can track anything or anybody, even ghosts.

The must famous story is the time he was hired by the Goblin King to capture Sir Falton W. Somar and his companion Jad Kin. When he arrived to the Goblin’s castle, Dauriat Nathan had already kill the Goblin King. Van der Vaals released his prisoners who had to return without money and without equipment to the Broken Lands.

He is armed with a combination of non-lethal weapons which he are very proficient, including bola, net, and whip. He is also very dangerous in the use of lethal weapons. He always carries a miniature flute on which he plays a 4-note musical cue as he travels.

Flint retired in Ierendi and lives in a mansion near the beach on Beverly Boulevard. He dislikes fans, and sends his servants to cast off visitors.

Flint Shrubwood

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