Fletcher Green

Human Ranger


Fletcher Green
Neutral Male Human Ranger:1
22yo, 160lbs, 5’3”


“The hunter must have no fears. Fear has no meaning for nature. You hunt or become the hunted. You are successful or you starve.”

Fletcher Green was a peasant born on a Struggling Social Class family. They were farmers, clothiers, clergymen, and anything else that generally paid fairly little. He became an adventurer when his parents died, and he has been traveling ever since. He was born on the Kingdom of Karameikos on Sulescu and from time to time he comes back to hunt. When he does so, he normally lives between the hunters at the Sulescu Hamlets and visits the city only to sell what he has hunt.

His father was a half-elf ranger from the Kingdom of Alfheim named Siril Greenbow, who married a fletcher traladaran human woman named Felia. In his travel he has worked alongside other adventurers like Kenalas Silverstreak and Rolf Stronghollow.

Fletcher Green

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