Fleetwood of Threshold


Fleetwood of Threshold, male Lawful (LG) Fighter:9


Fleetwood of Threshold, male Lawful (LG) Fighter:9

Fleetwood is a handsome man of Thyatian stock. Quite tall and robust, this dusty-haired warrior with a chiselled face cuts an impressive figure. Still quite young, in his mid 20s, Fleetwood is a capable fighter as well as a charismatic leader.

Fleetwood is a home-town hero. Raised in the northern town of Threshold by his “uncle”, a Traladaran ( Beniamin Zugravescu ), he was sheared promptly on his 14th birthday. Whilst his uncle swears that he is not an orphan, Fleetwood has never met his parents.

Fleetwood didn’t take too well to the sheared life. Staying in Threshold he took several odd jobs—learning very few marketable skills and never staying in one profession for very long. When he was seventeen he had taken it upon himself to collect his savings to buy supplies needed for an adventurer’s life. He then went up into the nearby hills, into some of the many caves there ( Old Caves ), learning how to live by his sword.

It was during one of those early adventures that he meet the Lady Aleena Halaran —niece to Baron Sherlane Halaran. Quickly befriending the cleric, he adventured along with her for a brief time, before running afoul of the renegade wizard called Bargle. Fleetwood was able to escape the magic-user’s clutches, but Aleena fell to his magicks. Fleetwood earned the trust and gratitude of the Baron when he returned with Aleena’s lifeless body soon enough for her to be resurrected.

Fleetwood’s adventuring career truly began some time after rescuing Aleena. One night, he had received a dream, telling him that the magical valley of Haven was in dire trouble. Heeding the call, this young man recklessly, and selflessly, traveled through the dangers of the Dymrak Forest where he met with those adventurers whom would be his travelling companions for years to come. It is these six individuals that he would later rely on time after time. These six are the ones he will learn to call… friend.

Daero of Alfmyr spies on Fleetwood and finds out the following details:
Fleetwood is living half the year in Tarnskeep serving as special soldier of Baron Sherlane Halaran, he goes on those missions with Lady Aleena Halaran. Rumors are that the Baron is training Fleetwood to become a member of the Griffin Knights.
Lately, Fleetwood has been doing some spying of his own. Based on what Daero knows, he must be trying to find someone in the city.
Today, Fleetwood has received bad news when he talked to the officer in charge of correspondence to other cities. He sent some letters to his friends a few weeks ago and the messenger was found yesterday killed by Bugbears. The friends he was trying to contact were: Rolf Stronghollow, Morgan Touchberry and Belrain Callarii. " Curse Bargle! " – Shouted Fleetwood as he exit the post office.
The fighter has ran into Bargle again in the ruins of Castle Mistamire a few years before the Wizard was killed.


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