Fidesbos Cebetus

Trader of Magical Goods


Fidesbos Cebetus
Male Thyatian Human Expert:11/Aristocrat:2 Neutral


Fidesbos Cebetus is a rich merchant of the Thyatian Empire specialized in goods of magical nature. He travels many nations in search of the goods he likes and he pays well. He could appear in any place were magic abilities are present, magical items are crafted or magical creatures are kept. He is an expert on his field, so don’t try to fool him with a fake. He does’nt like his time to be wasted. He travels with two to eight bodyguards and specialists (usually of level 10).

Fidesbos travels: Ierendi, Principalities of Glantri, Alphatian Empire, Ochalea and the Isle of Dawn as well as other nations and places of interest. He usually travels using Magical Corridors and so his arrival and departure are usually kept a secret.

In each city that he visits he had made powerful contacts or friends who are the ones in charge of preparing his arrival. If he doesn’t know someone on a city he wants to visit, he sends an agent to make preparations before his arrival. Fidesbos is not a paranoid man, is a man who doesn’t like to lose time or money and who had at least one known kidnapping attempt in the past.

Fidesbos Cebetus

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