Fei Lung

Retired Fisherman/Tu Mi Lung


Fei Lung
Male Ochalean Human 92yo Commoner: 5 Neutral Evil

Fèi Lung is an old ochalea man with white hair and with some teeth missing. He dresses in green-blue clothes and smells like fish. He wears a small green rock tied with a thin cord around his neck.

Fei Lung is in reality a shapeshifted Tun Mi Lung.


Fèi Lung is an old man who lives on the Village of Lasimar on the Celestial Territories of Ochalea. He knows about fishing and can ‘predict’ when is going to rain and when will be a good fishing day. He is usually found playing checkers at the port with his nemesis Hui Ash. Hui is constantly munching on raw fish and smells like them. Fei Lung claims that he knows a lot about the history of Ochalea but every time he speaks about that he talks nonsense about volcanos, reefs and earthquakes.

Fei Lung

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