Farrem Carreri

Retired Librarian


Farrem Carreri
Male Ierendian Human 89yo Expert: 11 Neutral


Farrem Carreri is the former Librarian of the Ierendi Royal Library and worked in that position for 42 years. His ancestors were from the Republic of Darokin and as he recollects, they were people of noble blood.

Farren knows about history and languages of the Nithian Empire, Azcan Empire and Milenian Empire, among other topics of interest.

He resides across the river from the Ierendi Castle with his collection of notes in a mess of boxes with scrolls and his cats. The current Librarian, Winslow Winceslau, still visits him weekly to talk about books.

Farren doesn’t need Diplomacy or Gather Information to give information, he has to be impressed with Knowledge: " Knowledge spawns knowledge. " he claims.

Yoshirou Nakajima gives one of the maps of Benno Treasure Maps to Farrem Carreri as a gift and Farrem translate some words and lines in Nithian.

Farrem Carreri

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