Fania Alexei

Captain of the Guard


Fania Alexei
Female Traladaran Human Rogue:6/Shadow Dancer:6 Chaotic


Fania Alexei is a native of the Kingdom of Karameikos who was recruited by Mister Coarke during his travels to the Principalities of Glantri and the Republic of Darokin. She raised fast in the ranks of Mister Coarke guard until he became the Captain of the Ierendi Royal Guard for Fletcher Island.

“Alexei works; she does from the shadows.” Is a common phrase among locals when referring to her apparent lack of presence around the island’s guests. She will have agents all around the island even among those who are least expected like the servants. Her methods are to dispose of troublemakers and criminals without anyone notice. She captures them and ships them directly to Aloysius Island, a practice that bothers both Mister Coarke and her superior Captain Eligea Stormbreaker.

Fania Alexei

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