Emmeth Ancine

Corridor Masters Plaza


Emmeth Ancine
Male Human Wizard: 9 / Corridor Masters: 3 Neutral


Master Emmeth Ancine is in charge of the Magical Corridor Plaza located on Ierendi City Marketplace of Ierendi City. His shop is an office with an arc in front like many similar shops in many major cities. His assignment to Ierendi was not a simple one. Ierendi City is not a big metropolis, but the amount of golden pieces of merchandise that moves from and to that city makes it a valuable asset to the Corridor Masters.

Emmeth is native of Norwold, studied magic in the Principalities of Glantri and was married to a woman on Kingdom of Vestlandfor two years (before she break his arm). He knows and likes to travel and after five more years in Ierendi he is tired of it.

Emmeth opens his “plaza” every morning, does his work, reports to his superiors and closes at the same time every day.

Emmeth Ancine

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