Erudite Monkey


Elricus The Erudite
Male Monkey Expert:10


Elricus The Erudite is a monkey with an interesting story.

Years ago Elricus was a normal monkey belonging to Captain Gorgonopolus of the City Guard of the City of West Portage located on the Isle of Dawn. An evil wizard, enemy of the Captain attacked with a feeblemind spell. A good wizard, friend of the Captian, prepared a potion of increase intelligence just for the occasion. But when the feeblemind spell attacked, the potion was drink by Elricus instead.

The adventurer’s group Dusk and Dawn returned Gorgonopolus to his original intellect level but Elricus didn’t.

Years later, Elricus was stolen from Gorgonopolus by pirates who sold him to Hector Rushblood.

As Captain Rushblood was turned into a wraith and remains unresponsive, Elricus is a little sad but now keeps himself around the new Captain Dio Stoutspark and continues his work as navigator of The Crowe. " This is better than been eaten by wraiths, I said! "


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero