Eligea Stormbreaker

Captain of the Guard


Eligea Stormbreaker of Clan Callari
General of the Ierendi Royal Guard (Official of the Tribunal)
Captain of Ierendi City Royal Guard
Male Elven 195yo Rogue:4 / Fighter:8


Captain Eligea Stormbreaker of the Ierendi Royal Guard is in charge of the police on Ierendi Island. Eligea is a Ierendian Elf, he has travelled to the Thyatian Empire and the Minrothad Guilds and has friends from the Kingdom of Karameikos. He is loyal to the current King and Queen of Ierendi.

Eligea is a member of Clan Callari the elven clan with more members on Ierendi. He has a privileged position on the clan, but never lets his position of influence to benefit his own.

On his younger days Eligea traveled to the Alphatian Empire and to the Kingdom of Vestland were he learn how to combat magic and monsters. He trusts in his sword and trusts his instincts. He knows that some of the members of the guard are more honorable than others and keeps and eye on them, just in case. As long as their actions don’t have a negative effect on the kingdom he could let them be.

When he started 10 years ago on the Ierendi Royal Guard he disabled the Blackscar Guild. He is in charge of keeping the Ierendi Royal Postings.

Eligea was killed by one of Leicas Toys but was raised back to life by Seanius Cornelius.

Eligea Stormbreaker

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