Duh Torpeson

Town Fool


Duh Torpeson
Male Human 39yo Commoner:1


Duh Torpeson is the town fool of Threshold. He will do any simple task with difficulty but will only charge 1cp. From feeding the horses to cleaning all weapons. Maybe he will feed the horses with honey and clean the weapons with lemons… but he will be cheap.

During the events of Benedetto’s Con, is discovered that Benedetto Difusallo paid Duh Torpeson to pose as him in the inn known as The Rose of Valerias. Duh, stayed in the room dress in Benedetto’s sleeping clothes for 2 weeks.

The adventurers group Band of the Wolf discovered that the Torpeson family was one of the families that benefit from the dealings of the late Baron Luvin Valurescu with the legendary heroes that built Caverns of Quasqueton about a hundred years ago. Duh is the last member of his family as his fathers died in an horrible cart accident and his grandfather and grandmother died in an horrible sheep accident. He lives in a small cottage inside the lands that belonged to his family and that area today owned by the Church of Karameikos.

The Torpeson family were stone masonry who built worked directly on the fortress carving the walls, floors and ceiling. From the stone that was taken they built a tower that is mentioned on the legend of the Caverns and who was estimated by Ignacio Del Toro to be about four floors of height. The damage done to the Torpeson’s minds after all the times that their minds were erased was so much that they became the stupid people they are today.

Raizak Derek brought some logs from the Church of Karameikos who belonged to the Torperson family. Daero of Alfmyr found and old amulet with the Torperson’s family letter in his cottage and after studying it they discovered that it was a broken key made for Luvin Valurescu with the inscription: “You have won our trust and you know were we are, if you need to use this key, we can repay what we owe you.”

Raizak Derek comenzó a interrogar a Torpeson: ,

  • a preguntarle por su niñez, su familia, – “ I remember a broken childhood, a broken family, everyone in the city think that we are dirt and they are not shy of showing up what they think. “
  • ese símbolo que le mostró la última vez que fueron a visitarlo (disimulando que Daero lo había robado), si sabía cómo se rompió y para qué era. – “ The two pieces of the medallion that were missing? I broke the medallion! I remember doing it to have one like the others, one with the letter of my surname. Silly me, the medallion could have been worth more than 2 coppers. Where could the medallion be? – looking around – Here, in this shirt I have on, here are these two buttons, these buttons are the two pieces I broke. ”
  • Le preguntó qué sabía sobre el trabajo de sus ancestros, sobre Roghan y Zelligar, sobre las Cavernas de Quasqueton – “ My ancestors passed as a rumor from generation to generation: Colvis Nilenavi’s and Duh Torpeson ancestors were very good friends, and the Old Nilenavi had a map, incomplete map, but a map anyway. “
  • y si su familia guardaba algún mapa de cómo llegar o un plano de lo allí construido. – “ My father use to say that he learned from his grandfather that if you need to remember something you have to write it down. He always shown me something his grandfather wrote, it was one page of the 9th journal of the construction of Quaqueton, it was a page that contains a list of materials and tools and a drawing of a donkeys dick. He said that there is something there that old Nilenavi used to said when talking about his map. I don’t know how to read so I haven’t read it. My father just pointed to the page. This is important. Is in the bottom of the page and has a word like power, prower, powess or something like that. “
  • le rogó que le dijera qué sabía de Benedetto Difusallo. – “ Difusallo always treats me bad. He is a greedy, son of a whore. He has done business with a man Paulo Constente in the past, but is possible that he has a dept with Paulo also he knew a man in Specularum that goes by the name of Sharton Ses-Tril. “

Duh Torpeson

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