Dorfus Hilltopper

The Gnome King of Highforge


Dorfus Hilltopper
Dwarven Male Fighter:9/ Aristocrat: 5


Baron Dorfus Hilltopper, the “Gnome King”, is an honorable and battle hardened dwarf lord of astounding reputation. His ancestors founded Highforge long before any Thyations set foot in the region. He regards the newcomers with suspicion as well as a modicum of respect. He is loyal to King Stefan Karameikos and knows with the humans required that a medium ground between Dwarven and Karameikan law be achieved but he hasn’t achieved it yet. " is a long way to change how things are specially when is the custom of your forefathers… "

The title Gnome King comes from the times before Highforge became part of the Kingdom of Karameikos. When it was the city state of Highforge when the dwarves and gnomes allied to protect the city the first leader was a gnome. The title Gnome King is used until this day with honor.

Dorfus likes to answers questions with questions to place them off guard.

Gnome King Dorfus Hilltopper found the Band of the Wolf not guilty of charges presented by Lady Aleena Halaran of Threshold against them.

Dorfus Hilltopper

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