Devrim AKuntesh

Master of the Volcano


Devrim AKuntesh
Tribune of the Department of Military Affairs
Admiral of the Ierendi Royal Navy
Governor of Honor Island
Headmaster of the Cabal of the Volcano
Chaotic Male Human Wizard: 15 / MoM(Fire Elementalist): 5 Chaotic


Master Devrim AKuntesh is the head of the Cabal of the Volcano located on Honor Island. His family arrived from the Alphatian Empire many generations ago but he keeps his ancestors customs. Based on his level of power, in his country he will be a Prince or King, and he behaves like one, expecting others to respect him as the most powerful spelcaster and noblemen on Ierendi.

Drevrim is a very powerful wizard who is near or already in an epic level. His fascination with the elemental planes and his alphatian view of magicians as a superior class make him an intolerant person to speak with. Few has been able to stay in the island as guests and many of those had to leave earlier because they have angered him somehow.

He rarely abandons his research and experiments on Volcano Citadel unless he is in search of something he needs. He leaves to others the day to day operations of the island. Never attempts government activities and never participates on the Ierendi Royal Tournament or the fool Adventurers Club Headquarters.

He uses his Plenipotentiary Gherynid to represent him in all government related interventions with the Ierendi Tribunal and trust her to use his two sets of votes well. His two mayor and trusted people are Burnscar as keeper of security and Balderash who is in charge of keeping the island running.

Devrim AKuntesh

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