Death Kahuna

Head of the Necromancers


Death Kahuna
Governor of Elegy Island
Chieftain of Nula
Headmaster of Necromancy
Male Makai Human Cleric:10/Necromancer:5 Neutral Evil


Death Kahuna is the leader of the Necromancers on Elegy Island of Ierendi. He lives in the town of Nula. The Ierendi government helps to fund the town so as to allow him to focus on the rites and raids which keep the undead in check.

Death Kahuna is not an easy person, he dislikes visitors, at least living visitors. His time is well expending experimenting on the necromancy arts. He delegates many of the day to day duties to his trusted apprentice Nek-Ron Emptyeyes.

Is rumored that all the leaders of the Necromancers of Elegy Island have access to a chamber of ghosts were they could speak to ancestors of the makai.

The responsibilities of the Death Kahuna are hereditary with each Death Kahuna chosen by his or her predecessor. The Death Kahuna adopt the name and has to continue his mission. " The death that set foot on Elegy Island is your responsibility, to tame, keep, control, or destroy. "

The Death Kahuna is a cleric of the Makai Shamani.

Death Kahuna

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