Darius Pengarth

Paladin of Halav


Sir Darius Whiteheart Pengarth
Male Half-Elf Paladin Lawful Good


Sir Darius Whiteheart Pengarth was an elf of Clan Vyalia raised on Hagarunder the Tyrant Ludwig von Hendriks. There he befriended other slaves who will later become the adventurers known as Dusk and Dawn who will capture and bring Black Eagle to justice.

He later become the leader of a small rebellion against King Stefan Karameikos using the name “Bravesoul” and sometimes been called the Reincarnation of Halav, he tried to return the power of Karameikos to the Traladarans. He failed and was capture by Abhorson. He is now in jail in Specularum.

Darius Pengarth

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