Dak Pintel

Retired Dwarven Pirate


Dak Pintel
Male Dwarf Rogue: 3/ Fighter: 3/ Expert: 6


Dak Pintel, is a rough, weathered man in his fifties owner of Dak Boats on the village of Kurutiba located on Alcove Island. His crude mannerisms are softened only when children are in sight. He is a retired pirate who had always longed for a family. His “soft spot” for children has made this a popular and profitable business for Dak.

Dak, owns an interesting figurehead from a shipwreck. The figurehead is carved in the shape of a beautiful woman with long flowing hair. However, some parts of the figurehead (a leg, an arm and a hand) are missing. He claims that is the figurehead of the ship “The Black Tide”.

Another interest story tell by Dak is that he is descendant of one of the crew members of “The Black Skull”, Mad Greeg’s ship. He talks about a story told by his ancestors about a treasure stolen by them from an ancient temple of the Atruaghin Clans.

Dak Pintel

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