Colvis Nilenavi



Colvis Nilenavi
Ranger: 7 Neutral Human Male 62yo
+ 3 Composite Long Bow + 8/ + 3
Search + 8, Spot + 8


Colvis Nilenavi is an old hunter and trapper of the Barony of Threshold. His family lives near the Threshold Farms and he hunts near The Black Woods.

Colvis Nilenavi explained to Valora Venatti what his family knows about the Caverns of Quasqueton: “My great-grandafather was one of the people who were alive back in the days of Zelligar and Rogahn. He told us about the battle against the goblins. He was one of the escorts who helped move supplies and materials to the construction site and even made a map to get to the place. But somehow he forgot the location of the site and were he hid his map. He just forgot one day. Just like that!. When he was old and he told us this story he seen lost, like he was wandered into his memories trying to find a lost one…”

Old Nilevani told Old Torperson about the map he was making and where it was hidden. AS Duh Torpeson told Raizak Derek Old Nilevani was making fun of Old Torperson’s gradual loss of his mental faculties. Old Torperson was trying to outsmart Old Nilevani. The text was written by Old Torperson one a page of the 9th journal of the masonry construction of Quasqueton, it was a page that contains a list of materials and tools and a drawing of a donkey’s dong. Is in the bottom of the page. The text had the exact words that Old Nilevani used to mook Old Torperson and they were: " I can trust my memory, but I can trust in my prowess and the knowledge of the beasts I hunt. Only to a beast I slayed I can trust my secret. Skill, my friend, skill. What better way of hiding something that in plain sight! "

Colvis Nilenavi finally sells his collection of trophies composed of taxidermic animals that go back to his grandfather exploits. He sells them for 200gp to a traveller on Threshold. He retires and move to the city.

Beniamin Zugravescu is a very talkative man, he likes to gossip about his neighbors. Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Colvis Nilenavi claims that his grandfather had a map to the Caverns of Quasqueton and that he was the ranger who had more knowledge of Castle Mistamire at the time that Bargle was found there. " Some people believe that he helped the Infamous to find his way around the ruined castle. He did it for money. "

Colvis Nilenavi marries Adja Ladis and move to Specularum. There he buys a modest home between the capital city and Marilenev.

Colvis Nilenavi

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