Cliona Cassidor Sulescu

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Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Female Human Monk:1


What Cliona remembers from her childhood: " Cliona Cassidor was only 13 when she arrived at her village to discover that everyone was gone. “Had they disappeared?”, was the first thing she asked herself, but it appeared as if no one was ever there. After laying on the ground while crying from not knowing what to do, a man she had never seen before approached her; the first words this man spoke to Cliona were “Took you long enough.” The man proceeded to tell her to follow him, of course Cliona denied the order, but the man then said “Would you rather stay here alone? No one is coming back. More like… no one was ever here.” Cliona was left with two options: Follow the stranger, or stay alone not knowing what to do or what had happened. The answer was obvious. Cliona asked the man his name to receive a very short cold answer “Antrim”. After traveling for a couple of days they arrived at a monastery. Cliona was told that she would remain here for 4 years while being trained to be a monk and that she didn’t have an option. Desperately trying to find out what happened she would constantly ask if they knew what had happened to everyone in her village, but the reply was always the same… silence.

After years of training Cliona was now a monk she had learned about the monastery’s religion along with many fighting skills. Today is the day she gets to leave the Monastery of Traldar and complete her deeds as a monk. After 4 years Cliona had finally convinced herself that the events that happened years ago weren’t “supernatural” and that everyone simply left the town for unknown reasons and that was that. All that mattered now was fulfilling her purpose. As Cliona stepped out of the monastery she was stopped by Antrim to hear the words “I need you to know, just in case you ever… stumble upon anything. That we did what we could… it was all out of our control”. Cliona was confused by these words, but before she was permitted to even think about those words she was quickly pushed out the door with a smile by Antrim. It was time, the female monk left, waving at Antrim as she left she couldn’t help but feel that she wouldn’t be seeing her friend for a very long time. "

Years Later Cliona finds herself in the city of Threshold on her native Kingdom of Karameikos; here, she has been accepted into a new family and acquired the new surname Sulescu as an act of gratitude to Antrim, for saving a young son of the very wealthy family, thus gaining their trust and affection. Cliona feels no emotional attachment to the family, but she knows having a title of such like will become a convenience.

Cliona has found that what she remembers of her life has been a lie that she has told herself to cope with the horror of what happened to her family. Years ago her complete family has been killed or converted to werewolves. Vasil Andriev’s father, Antrim, found two survivors of a werewolves attack on a small hamlet near Sulescu, named Hamlet of Cassidor. He rescued them, Cliona Cassidor Sulescu and her twin brother Canios Cassiador Sulescu. He inscribed both with the Sulescu surname. Is unknown what happened to Canios. She has forgotten or blocked part of her past… what else has she forgotten? In the present, she has found that the people of Sulescu believe that she is the heir to Baron Sulescu, that she is blood related to him. There are no records of her or her brother made by name, only the description of what happened in the hamlet.

Canios Cassiador Sulescu is killed by Evram Andriev using one of Leica Woodsplinter’s dangerous toys. [:cliona-cassidor-sulescu | Cliona Cassidor Sulescu]] takes his place to complete the Ring Ceremony of Sulescu.

Cliona Cassidor Sulescu now knows what Zuleidan Kithkany was trying to tell them, that Baron Zemiros Sulescu is a vampyr (or Nosferatu). Zuleidan believed that her mission was to destroy him. She has no idea what to do with the werewolves, she’s obsessed with the vampyr. The Order of the Rose wanted to keep balance in the Barony and the Baron wasn’t evil, just undead.

Player: Nathalia M.

Cliona Cassidor Sulescu

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