Claudius Galienus

Bishop Claudius Galienus


Bishop Claudius Galienus:
Character level: 15
Classes/levels: Cleric 8 / Warpriest 7


Bishop Claudius Galienus
He is a medium-sized human with gray eyes and black hair. He stands 6’1” tall and weights 165 lbs. He’s view is Lawful Neutral and is a worshipper of Nike goddess of Victory (Nobility, Glory, War). He is married and has _*__ children. He has a daughter named Lillithen Amara Galienus.

Bishop Claudius Galienus was born in Kerendas, and is a citizen of Thyatis. As a young man he wanted to follow his father’s steps as a member of the Thyatian Empire Army but one night he had a vision of the goddess Nike, goddess of Victory, telling him to follow his destiny as a cleric of her temple.
In AC 1010, Curates Claudius went to the Isle of Dawn with the CXXI Legion under the command of General Troyus Machistes on a mission of conquest. He finished that campaign being the Patriarch of the Church of Thyatis on the Isle of Dawn and now lives in the County of Forania.

Secret: During the campaign at the Isle of Dawn Claudius used the pseudonym of Lost Centuria working in secret against General Machistes in vengeance for destroying his father’s reputation when he was young.

Claudius Galienus

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