Che Yip

Port Administrator Che Yip


Che Yip
Official of the Ierendi Port Administration Office
Male Makai Human Aristocrat: 5 / Expert: 3


Port Administrator Che Yip is a traditional Makai that directs the Ierendi Port Administration of Ierendi and oversees The Great Port directly. He is a native of Aloysius Island and a rich man with lands and slaves. His family also own a warehouse and a ship. Che Yip is dry and efficient and meticulous on his work. He once was stabbed by a pirate who refused to fill the proper papers and he then refused the proper disembarking permits. As the pirate was arrested, Che Yip got up from the floor and filled him an additional citation for littering the dock with his blood and attacking an official.

Mungo Ship-Shearer talks about Che: " He is very methodical, everything has to be record and all numbers have to be perfect. He has been so for many years. I remember that 3 years ago he passed an opportunity of profit for his family. He could have just “loss” one paper and his family will have a great amount of gold on his pocket. He decided to present the complete information and never got the money, nor did he received any special commendation from his boss Novak Respen of from Alistair Munden. "

Che Yip

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