Chaei Tun The White

Travelling Rakasta


Chaei Tun The White
Male Rakastas Fighter:4/Aristocract:3 Neutral


Chaei Tun The White is a member of the Rakasta clans of Ochalea. His fur is white (hence the nickname), and his eyes are green. He is a kind man with soft voice that sometimes is heard like singing. He likes arts and exotic beasts.

His lineage is of considerable wealth and Chaei has used that advantage of travelling to other countries. Recently he traveled to Ierendi.

His family lives in the Celestial Territories province of Ochalea.

Chaei explains to Yoshirou Nakajima that a rich man from Thyatian purchase some of his family’s land on the Celestial Territories of Ochalea and he used the gold to travel for the last 3 years. That man was a retired war hero named Troyus Machistes.

During the events of The Hydra of Safari Island, the Band of the Wolf is paid by Chaei for the opportunity of been part of the hunt and keep the hydra’s hide. Chaei Tun befriends Yoshirou Nakajima.

Chaei Tun The White

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