Ces-sus Benzoto

Lighthouse Keeper


Ces-sus Benzoto
Male Ierendian Human Commoner: 6 Neutral


Ces-sus Benzoto alias Ragetti is the lighthouse keeper of the West Lighthouse of Ierendi Island just 16 miles northeast of Ierendi City. At daylight he can be seen drinking and gambling in the city.

Ces-sus use to claim he was a descendant of Captain Mad Greeg. Five years ago he made a gambling bet with Noole Kindred about his ascendancy, a bet that he lost when it was discovered that he was descendant of Teak Bootleleg, navigator of The Black Skull. " At least he was a crew member of Mad Greeg’s ship! It should be close enough! " He lost the bet anyway.

Ces-sus is not a very brave person and has arrive to the city late at night claiming he saw monsters trying to climb the cliffs to kill him.

The Band of the Wolf visit Ces-sus and save him from a “triton attack”. He gives them his grandfather’s treasure: an old compass marked with the “G” of Mad Greeg on the back cover.

Ces-sus Benzoto

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