Carrienna Brightflame

Retired Adventurer


Carrienna Brightflame (Neutral Good elf female Wizard:2/Rogue:6


Carrienna Brightflame is a fellow adventurer and wife of Kenalas Silverstreak. They recently have had a daughter, Myrya Silverflame, and is semi-retired working on the The Threshold Academy as a librarian and record keeping. She is also an expert on Appraisal and Forgeries. Carrienna has a very explosive temperament and hates that his husband has to take long working trips around the other side of the lake and the river.

Helethil Bluebelleyes discovered that Carrienna Brightflame, Kenalas Silverstreak and the other five elves that came with them are not from the Kingdom of Alfheim but from Clan Vyalia and Clan Callari. They are elves from the Kingdom of Karameikos and part of King Stefan Karameikos’s loyal royal guard, The Elvenguard. This members of the Karameikos Army must be in Threshold for a reason.

Aranhil Thunderseeker checks the government papers about Carrienna Brightflame and Kenalas Silverstreak and their 5 elven companions. The papers show that they are from the Kingdom of Alfheim. Was Helethil Bluebelleyes wrong about what she saw and discovered on Carriena’s house? Helethil is from the clan of elven rangers, she should known his own clan… Why are these forger papers? Did Baron Sherlane Halaran knows? The real place were the elves are going is unknown to even the rest of the Threshold’s Guard, the reports are incomplete or missing. There sure are hiding something, but what?

Carrienna Brightflame

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