Carrasco Corpse

Pirate Slave


Carrasco Corpse
Male Undead


Less than 100 years ago a Pirate named Carrasco who was captain of the ship “The Severed Hand” was obsessed with eternal life. It was told that he stole artifacts from the Azcan Empire, raided tombs of the Nithian Empire and even captured a necromantic priestesses of Elegy Island to force her to make him immortal. The Priestesses that legends tell went by the name of Nula, was a powerful necromancer and a person who knew how to hold a grudge.

After the torture, the priestesses was rescued by her followers and a war between the Pirates and Necromancers ended with Carrasco captured and “The Severed Hand” sunk. The priestesses turn him into a ghoul-like undead who can hear and see what was happening around him including the decayed corpse he was living in. He was left mute and set to wander around the island, and so has he been doing all this years. He was marked by her with a “deadhead symbol” and once a year, the current leader of the necromancers summon Carrasco’s Corpse as a way to show their power and the futility of attacking Elegy Island.

“The Severed Hand” who had a figurehead of the Nithian Immortal of the underworld, canine headed Anubis was lost on the coast of Elegy Island and was never found.

Carrasco is condemned to be a slave of the Death Kahuna for 400 more years for helping free his crew and ship from a curse.

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Carrasco Corpse

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