Canios Cassiador Sulescu



Canios Cassiador Sulescu
Human Traladaran Male Aristocrat:1


Canios Cassidor Sulescu is the brother of Cliona Cassidor Sulescu and shares with her a lot of her story and background. The difference was that the father of Vasil Andriev, Antrim, told him more information and he remembered more than his sister about the events on Hamlet of Cassidor.

Canios was living with a wealth family in The Hill District of Specularum and was studying in two different schools to be an Aristocrat.

Canios told his sister what he remembers of that horrible night:
" A man was there, a thin, fast, young werewolf slayer with a silver sword. He fought the beasts, the werewolves were slaying by his hand. He was wounded, he was the one who found me… He send Antrim to get me and Antrim found both of us. "

" Antrim told me that I was to study and learn until I was 30 years old and them I was to return to Sulescu when called by him or the Baron. No, we are not Sulescu. He inscribed us in the name of the Baron as Sulescu. But not because you or me do anything. I don’t know why he did that, maybe to protect us, maybe to turn ourselves into targets. "

Canios Cassiador Sulescu is killed by Evram Andriev using one of Leica Woodsplinter’s dangerous toys. [:cliona-cassidor-sulescu | Cliona Cassidor Sulescu]] takes his place to complete the Ring Ceremony of Sulescu.

Canios’ body is disposed of and his dead is never told to the public.

Canios Cassiador Sulescu

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