Camelia Dalca



Camelia Dalca
Courier (In town) – 16-year-old female. Height: 5’6”.
Primary skills: Knowledge (local area), Run feat. Key abilities: Int, Con. Typical NPC Class: Ranger:1. Wage per day: 2cp. Active.

Family and relationships: Raizak Derek – Fiancé


Camelia es una chica extremadamente enérgica. Nadie de su edad en Threshold le ha ganado una carrera. Se dedica a hacer mandados en la ciudad, aunque sueña con tener un caballo veloz y poder moverse haciendo encargos entre villas y ciudades. Su belleza y espíritu han cautivado a Raizak Derek.

Habla muy rápido y no es inusual que la gente le mande a bajar el volumen de voz. Nunca se le ha visto con sus padres, aunque habla de ellos de vez en cuando. Camelia es una jovencita muy querida en Threshold por su personalidad y humor.

Raizak Derek‘s letters to Threshold take two weeks to return to Highforge. His manservant Andrei Gabor returns with the answers of Bogdan Petrescu and Camelia Dalca.
“ Your sentiments for me were more than obvious, but the course of your actions were full of deception. People here at Threshold are very mad at you and the complete Band of the Wolf. They believe that your group played us as fools. That’s what they said. I don’t know what to think, but I’m staying in Threshold for the time been. I’m taking over Colvis Nilenavi’s cabin and his hunting grounds. I’m staying in Threshold and I hope I forget you. “ Raizak finds out from Andrei that Colvis retired to the city and Camelia took the stuffed white wolf of the Band of the Wolf with her to the cabin.

Andrei also tells Raizak that Camelia took the stuffed White Wolf that he acquired from Colvis back to the cabin were she is learning to be a ranger. The rumor is that Camelia is living there with Irina Petran.

Camelia Dalca

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