Caida Machistes

Countess of Cabanis


Caida Machistes
Female Human Fighter/Forsaker: /? Chaotic Good
Countess of the County of Cabanis
Isle of Dawn


Countess Caida Machistes of the County of Cabanis is the bastard daughter of General Troyus Machistes and Suliana Mulatovilus. She was taken care by Oedilus Cabanis and his wife Lara until she joined the Legions of the Thyatian Empire and searched for his real father to confront him. Troyus accepted her as a daughter and gave her his surname.

Caida was part of the Legion CXXI Silent Unit during the invasion on the Platteau of the Isle of Dawn and later become leader of the City of Cubash until she expanded her domain to nearby city and became the County of Cabanis.

Caiida married a college of war Othelus Scipio and had son name Maximilian Scipio and a daughter, Caesonia Scipio Machiste.

Caida is a very good friend of Corcyra McFist who is also her must trusted counselor. Caida distrust magic and magic-users of all types. He did had a normal relatgion with monks.

Caida Machistes

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