Keeper of Honor Island


Keeper Burnscar
Female Human Wizard: 10/ (MoM) Fire Elementalist: 3


Commander Burnscar’s real name is never asked. Her volatile temper is known to have conjured more than one fireball and her elemental power is confirmed to have sink in flames more than one enemy ship.

She worked as one of the Ierendi Royal Navy officials and has been known to sink a pirate ship by herself with her magic. She earned the title of Commander and the other officers respect her.

She is the keeper of Honor Island, who receives visitors on behalf of the Cabal of the Volcano and who pursuits and punishes trespassers. She is usually in the company her bodyguard an Efreeti called Molo. She has the capacity to call a few other fire elementals of different sizes. She is in command of the troops on Honor Island, including the troops on Filtot and on the Guard Forts and by law, she commands the troops in any ship that is currently been magically refitted on the island.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero