Black Adder

Pirate Captain


Black Adder
Male Ierendi Human Fighter:10/Rogue:5
(Str 17, Int 15)
Captain of the Serpent’s Fang


Black Adderis was born on Alcove Island, is the captain of The Serpents Fang, has chocolate colored skin and black hair; his ancestors are a mix of Makai and Anatalians. He has tattoos of various kinds of serpents, though you can’t see most of them as he usually wears armor or at least a dignified captain’s outfit. He is a deeply nasty pirate, regarding all non-Ierendi (and some non-Pirate Ierendi) as basically fodder for his ballistas. He holds scrupulously to the Honorable Code with other Ierendi pirates, and will come to the rescue of other pirates in trouble, asking nothing but future favors of them. He grumbles about the truce with the Five Shires, but holds to it. Everyone else can be enslaved, robbed, tortured, killed, raped, etc, as he desires. And he usually desires. Any boat which falls into his hands is doomed. He does a lot of slave raiding, especially against the Atruaghin Clans, as the Turtle and Tiger clans usually find it hard to fight back against his well calculated raids. He has ambitions to become King of Ierendi or th King of Pirates.

Black Adder once claimed to have seen the map of Vladimir Ticano’s Grave but he lost the wereabouts of it in the Ierendi City Marketplace.

Black Adder

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