Ugliest dwarf in town


Female Dwarf Commoner:1


Beutia is the daughter of Konar Orccleaver and sister of Arak. For many years the complete family was sure that Beutia will never marry. “She is so ugly that horses don’t look at her eye to eye and birds stop singing the moment she enters a room.” She was once described by a bard as “nature’s mistake used to nourish the pain of our eyes”.

One day everything changed when Tordek Stonewall was received on Highforge with a hero’s welcome. He was offered a Gnome Wedding with 20 different dwarven young females to pursue him during the party. He got so drunk that he instead fall into a house thru a window in the arms of Beutia who hold him until the next morning and claimed the price. As tradition, they married. Tordek’s donkey still laughs when the name of Beutia is mentioned.

After many adventures, Tordek returned to Highforge to try and raise a Dwarven Defender order but he hasn’t found the time or money to do it. Tordek and Beutia don’t live together and had no children.

" ‘ordeh, dank’u fur u luv! "


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero