Beniamin Zugravescu



Beniamin Zugrãvescu
Expert (Cooker): 5


Beniamin Zugrãvescu
The Zugrãvescu had lived in Threshold for generations. Beniamin has a small family of cookers that work on demand for different establishments like The Volk and even cooks occasionally for Baron Sherlane Halaran (a job that gives him some reputation on the Barony) when big celebrations or events take place on the Castle.

Beniamin has a wife, two sons and a daughter ( Rahela Zugravescu ). His mother and grandmother still live with him as so do his wife’s mother. Beniamin is a jovial man that always has a joke in his pocket and likes to name his own culinary creations with monsters names just to get int he nerve of his traladaran friends. He has a few plates that has made him known: The Displacer Beast (a roasted boar covered in black sugar), The Cockractile (chicken roasted and filled with cooked boar meat) and The Beniamin’s Special (a chocolate cake made of local berries).

Beniamin has his own garden and contacts to cultivate special Spices and Seasonings (as shown on page 31 of the Arms and Equipment Guide) who he can sold to customers who how they know how to cook (at least 1 rank in cooking). Spices

The older members of the Zugravescu family are very religious and superstitious and were scared of the scared if the evils that the adventurers could bring into the Zugravescu’s house for touching a wight.

The adventurers group Band of the Wolf discovered that the Zugravescu family was one of the families that benefit from the dealings of the late Baron Luvin Valurescu with the legendary heroes that built Caverns of Quasqueton about a hundred years ago. The Zugravescu family were metalcrafters who built a set of alchemist equipment to equip a gigantic alchemist lab who’s components can be estimated to be worth 10,000 gps in modern times.

The old Zugravescu’s grandmother remembered that his father lost his memories of events that happened around the time he was working for the heroes of Quasqueton. Beniamin’s mother-in-law had heard family stories about the other families that gained wealth in the dealings with the legendary heroes.

Beniamin Zugravescu is a very talkative man, he likes to gossip about his neighbors. He lets Valora Venatti help him in his kitchen and learn from him. Even when his family was involved generations ago with the Caverns of Quasqueton he doesn’t see any present day relation with what happened back then. " Those old legends! "
Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Bogdan Petrescu was found with 500gps in gems in his possession in the same months that Bargle was around Threshold. The investigation didn’t show the precedence of the gems, neither did Bogdan told anyone were he found them. The gems were confiscated by Lardos Grobaras.
Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Colvis Nilenavi claims that his grandfather had a map to the Caverns of Quasqueton and that he was the ranger who had more knowledge of Castle Mistamire at the time that Bargle was found there. " Some people believe that he helped the Infamous to find his way around the ruined castle. He did it for money. "
Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Monika Chronus was a very young woman back then and his father wanted to marry her to a young merchant by the name of Ignor Ilyov. Both her father and her fiance died at the hands of Bargle and she eventually used the money to buy The Rose of Valerias. Her fiance Ignor had a book about Zelligar and Rogahn that Bargle stole. " She was very lucky that night not to die in the hands of the Infamous Wizard. "
Beniamin Zugravescu tells Valora Venatti that Kenalas Silverstreak, his wife and his group don’t speak much and pay good money for his food… But he knows that people are talking about " the constant escapades of the elves to Castle Mistamire. "

Beniamin Zugravescu

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