Clanmaster of Long Runner Clan


Male Afhein Elf Ranger:20 + Neutral


Beasthunter is the mighty leader of the Long Runner Clan and its oldest member still healthy enough to lead. He is a powerful warrior and skilled hunter who would, ideally, rather spend his time hunting in the forest than dealing with politics. He would prefer to keep all non-Elves or Eladrin out of the Kingdom of Alfheim, though he is not hateful about it, just cautious. He might, over a few decades, eventually warm up to members of other races. He is very brave, maybe a little too much so for his own good.

On his young days Beathunter traveled a lot becoming a legend in many different countries. He is a member of the Adventurers Club Headquarters (even when he hasn’t been on Ierendi in the last 72 years he still pays his fees), he was the godfather of the current Empress of the Thyatian Empire (when she was less than one year old), and in the Emirates of Ylaruam he is known as The Hundred Djinni Slayer.

Beasthunter likes a good challenge and has been known to take risks to prove himself.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero